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What We Offer

All rehearsals and classes will take place at Living Word Church, 500 E19th St, Panama City, FL

Email to register for classes


Musical Theatre

All the skills! 

Work with our specialist acting, voice and dance coaches on a show which will be performed to schools and the public at the end of the program.

Skills will be taught through the rehearsal process. 

No prior skills are required.

This class is for 6 year old and above.

Classes will happen twice a week: 

Monday & Wednesday 4 - 5.30pm 

Tuesday & Thursday 4 - 5.30pm 

Starting 22nd /23rd January through 10th / 11th May 2024

Performances 9th & 10th May (M/W class) and 10th & 11th May (T/Th class)

$400 per student

*some dates will not happen due to holidays

Annie Jr.

Shakespeare class

Learn from the Bard

William Shakespeare invented 1700 words, he wrote 38 plays and penned 154 sonnets. He is considered one of the greatest dramatists of all times and one of the most influential writers. 

You will learn how to read and understand his writing, working together on scenes to build a confidence with his language and a joy in staging scenes. 


This class is for 11 years old and above. Must have a good reading age and solid comprehension skills. 

Currently this runs as a 6 week program on Thursdays at 2 - 3.30pm. Starting 1st Feb running through to 14th March. $100

Cinema Complex
Large Theatre
Acting Class

Stage lovers!

This class will be looking at the skills required for stage acting as well as looking at various plays, monologues, devised and improvised theatre techniques.

So often when working on putting on a play we aren't able to spend enough time on the skills required to become great actors, because so much time is spent on the blocking, singing and dancing. This class takes away the pressure of performance and allows us to focus all our time on the skills! 

This class is for 6 years old and above however, classes will be separated into age groups. 

Class starts on Monday 29th Jan and finishes Monday 29th April.  (No classes 2/19, 3/18, 3/25) 

Mondays 5.45 - 6.30pm either 7 - 9yrs or 10 - 16yrs 


*UPDATE: Current class is Monday 5.35pm - 6.35pm for 10years and above.  

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